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How to Size an Instrument
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Rental Instruments

What equipment comes with a instrument rental?
Every rental comes with the Instrument set up with professional quality Thomastik-Infeld strings, a carbon fiber bow strung with horsehair, a case, and rosin. Please note that for cello rentals we provide a soft, padded backpack-style case.

A note on Carbon Fiber Bows
We use carbon fiber bow with our rental instruments. We do not use fiberglass bows.
Typically inexpensive wooden bows, are plagued with mechanical and playability issues that hinders learning and is a major cause of frustration. Carbon fiber bows have all the great playing properties of a wooden stick, but are consistently more durable and of higher quality.

  *Wooden bows may be substituted by special request if available.

Instrument Sizing

How do I size my child for a rental instrument?
The first thing that most students will need to do when when renting is to find out what size instrument they will need. It is very important to obtain the correct size instrument as many beginners struggle with posture and playing difficulties on instruments that not the correct size. Since the size is not dependent on age or height, the best way to size your child is to bring them to our store and have one of our staff size them correctly or to have your teacher size them with the appropriate instrument.

When this isn't possible, we have sizing charts available to show the approximate measurements and the corresponding instrument sizes for violin and viola, cello.

Rental Contract

How does the Instrumental Rental contract work?
Our Instrument Rentals contracts are month-to-month contracts that offer the most flexibility for our rental customers. Currently we do not offer "rent to own" contracts on our instruments. With month-to-month contracts you have the option to return or exchange your instrument at any time and a portion of your accumulated month-to-month rental fees can be used towards a future instrument purchase as a rental credit.  All of our instrument rates include a Insurance Protection Plan and all taxes. There are never any hidden fees.

Size Exchanges

What happens if I need to get a larger size instrument?
You can exchange your rental instrument for a larger size at any time. You will not loose any accrued rental credit by exchanging to a new sized instrument. We always recommend calling in advance for any size exchanges to expedite the process especially in the fall as instrument stock is some times limited.


Can I return my instrument rental at anytime?
Yes! You may return your instrument at any time. We do not offer prorated refunds on rental instruments. All details will be provided on the rental contract.


What if I damage my instrument while I am renting it?
All instrument rentals include our Insurance Protection Plan to provide coverage for accidental damage to, and repair and maintenance of your instrument. This includes accidental damage, fire, theft and flood. Customers are welcome to visit the shop at any time to have a broken string replaced, instrument tuned or to repair a damaged instrument or bow. Repairs times can vary, but can usually be done in a few days. Any and all repairs must be repaired in our shop. Our Insurance Protection Plan includes a deductible of $25 dollars for violin, $35 dollars for viola, and $45 dollars for cello per incident. Some special circumstances may apply. Details will be provided for you on the rental contract.

*Our Insurance Protection Plan does not cover replacing broken or worn out strings, to re-hair worn out bow hair, or negligence.

Rental Credit

Does the cost of renting go towards the purchase of an instrument?
When you rent an instrument with us we allow a portion of what you pay in rent to be applied towards the purchase of an instrument or bow. For every payment made, you accumulate a rental credit of 50%. This accumulated credit may be used at any time towards the purchase of an instrument or bow. You don't have to purchase the instrument you were renting.

* Rental credit will be valid for 30 days after the close of your rental account, after which time it may be forfeited.

* Please note: Rental credit may not be used to purchase cases, accessories, services or consignment instruments.

Rental Payments

How do I make my rental payments?
We require all of our rental customers to have a valid credit card number on file while an instrument is being rented. The credit card holder becomes the responsible party for the account. Rental fees are automatically debited from a credit or debit card each month.  All fees are debited on the 1st or 15th of the month, depending on the day of the month the contract is started.  You are responsible to notify us if your card expires, or is too often the case been compromised, to avoid a late fee. Any declined rental payments will also incur a late fee. All details will be provided on your rental contract.


Can you ship rental instruments?
Yes we can! However at this time only violin and violas are available for shipping. All shipping and handling fees are the responsibility of the Renter in the event that an instrument needs to be shipped.

*At this time, rentals are available only within the United States.
*Cellos not available for shipping.

What about shipping fees?
Shipping fees are not included with the cost of the rental. You are responsible for payment of both outbound and inbound shipping costs in the event that an instrument needs to be shipped. Please contact us for shipping details and fees.

How do I pack and ship my instrument renal to you?

If you need to return or exchange your rental instrument, you can pack and ship it to us by Ups, Fedex, or by the post office.

To pack and ship a instrument, please follow the steps below.

1. Place a note

  • Place a note in the instrument case telling us who you are and why you are sending the instrument. Please include: Your name, address, and   telephone number and email address.

2. Pack the instrument and/or bow carefully

  • Use the box with packing material and padding used when you received your instrument.
  • Padding should be placed gently on both sides of the bridge, under the strings. Rolled up paper towel is great. This prevents damage to the top of the instrument in the event of a broken bridge during shipment.
  • Padding should also be placed around the sides, so that the instrument does not shift inside its case while being handled.
  • If you are sending a bow, be sure that the hair has been loosened, and secure it with the case’s bow holders.
  • Packing material (peanuts / bubble wrap) should be stuffed firmly around the case so that it does not shift inside the shipping box. Protect the case and instrument by adequately cushioning it on all sides.

3. If you have questions, please call us!

         We can help guide you through this process.







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