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How to Size an Instrument
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How to size for a string Instrument
The first thing that most students will need to do when when renting is to find out what size instrument they will need. It is very important to obtain the correct size instrument as many beginners struggle with posture and playing difficulties on instruments that are not the correct size. Since the size of an instrument is not dependent on age or height, the best way to size your child is to bring them to our shop and one of our staff of fitting specialist can properly measure, fit, and advise you on the proper sized instrument. Another way to make sure your student is properly fit is have your teacher or orchestra director size them with the appropriate instrument. When these options are not possible, we have created general sizing charts with techniques to measure your student and the corresponding sized instrument.

For violin and viola, instruments are generally sized according to the students arm length. To find this length, have the student extend their arm out to the side of the body (not in front) straight, and parallel to the ground, and using a tape measure, measure the length of the arm from the neck to the end of the wrist. Use this measurement to correspond to the size of the instrument below. Some students may be in between sizes. When this is the case, pick the smaller size. It is always better to use a slightly smaller instrument especially when staring.

Cellos are more difficult to size because there are multiple factors to consider when sizing a student. Height, hand size, finger-span, the overall size when in the seated position of the player. We strongly recommend that you stop by our shop to have your student measured  to ensure a proper sized cello.







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