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4/4 KUN Voce


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Size: 4/4 VIOLIN

Uniting the latest technology with ground-breaking design, the Kun Voce represents a revolution in shoulder rest development. The Voce, which earned the Gold Medal for Industrial Design at Canada’s esteemed Design Exchange, is made from aerospace-grade carbon fibre, which offers enhanced acoustic properties in the lightest weight shoulder rest on the market. With a wider base than other Kun models, the Voce is solution for players requiring more support on the shoulder. The Voce is also especially well suited to long-necked players and those who prefer a higher adjustment. The patented offset clamping forks enhance stability, and increase positioning possibilities on the violin. Additionally, the Voce incorporates ultra-fine adjustment in a completely new mechanism, along with the patented Kun folding system.

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The Voce (a gold medal winner for design) embodies a revolution in shoulder rest development. Created from authentic aerospace-grade carbon fibre with enhanced acoustic properties, the Voce is strong, and our lightest-weight rest.With its ergonomic design, the Voce is slightly wider than other Kun rests and offers utmost comfort, in keeping with all Kun products. This rest incorporates a unique and inventive lateral adjusting mechanism which provides finite adjustment and Kun’s patented folding mechanism, where the ends fold for compactness. The clamping forks are also a patented offset design which increase positioning possibilities and maximize stability on the violin when the player requires enhanced placement options.

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