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Larsen Cello Strings

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Larsen has always taken the time to explore the technical opportunities and possibilities in pursuit of the perfect process and combination of the finest materials. But the critical component has always been you. We work with musicians in string development as an essential phase of the Larsen process. Working with you to discover the soul of your instrument.

Our A and D strings are wound with a special precision rolled stainless steel flat wire. Meanwhile, the G and C strings are wound with tungsten, providing a deep, warm and focused sound with great power and personality. All four strings are offered in tensions soft, medium and strong.

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Larsen Cello A Medium


Larsen Cello D Medium


Larsen Cello G Medium


Larsen Cello C Medium


Larsen Cello A Strong


Larsen Cello D Strong


Larsen Cello G Strong


Larsen Cello C Strong