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Whether a seasoned student, or a beginner, Amati Violin Shop, Inc. student instrument rental plans make available a large variety of high quality rental instruments at affordable prices until you make the decision to purchase an instrument.

Our rental program includes:

  • Month-to-month rental contracts
  • Trade-in/upgrades at anytime
  • Insurance on the instrument and bow should repairs be needed during the duration of the rental
  • Ability to apply rental credit towards the purchase of a new instrument

Frequently Asked Questions

Rental Fee

What are the rental fees?
Violin rental fees start at $20 per month.  Violas start at $30 per month, and cellos start at $45 per month.  Rental fees are based on the overall cost of the instrument, so new instruments or more advanced instruments  may be slightly higher.  All used instruments are reconditioned in our shop and include new strings.  Usually the used instruments are hard to tell from the new ones!  Some may have a scratch or two, but they are all in good shape.  Instruments that are damaged or too scratched up to meet our high standards are repaired and donated to schools that can't afford to purchase instruments.

Contract Terms

What is the length of the contract?
The rental contract is month-to-month.  We do not prorate the contract when the instrument is returned.  If an instrument is returned damaged, you will be responsible for the amount of the insurance deductible and the fees if the strings or hair of the bow are worn.


What if I damage my instrument while I am renting it?
All rentals include insurance on the instrument to cover incidental damages with a small deductible. This includes any and all accidental damage, fire, theft and flood. The instrument must be repaired in our shop.  Insurance does not cover strings or the hair on the bow.  We only use high quality strings on our instruments, not the cheap ones others give away for free.  In case of theft, a copy of a police report is required.

Rental Credit

How do I earn rental credit?
When you rent an instrument with us, you earn a credit of 50 percent of your rental fee.  This accumulated credit may be used 100 percent at any time towards the purchase of any instrument or bow (not cases).  If an instrument is returned, any earned credit must be used within 14 days or it will be forfeited.

Rental Payments

How do I make my rental payments?
Rental fees are automatically debited from a credit or debit card each month.  All fees are debited on the 1st or 15th of the month, depending on the day of the month the contract is started.  You must notify us if your card expires or is too often the case been compromised, to avoid a late fee.

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